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Preventative and Wellness Care

We want to guide you through your pet’s development as well as protect them from the health risks that may present for them in the future.  Annual veterinary checkups, heartworm testing, and vaccines are essential in this effort.







Internal Medicine

If your pet should have a problem, we are prepared to diagnose and create a treatment strategy with you.  We have many diagnostic tools to assist us in managing your pet’s disease as early as possible for the best outcome.







In addition to routine scaling and polishing, we carefully examine the entire oral cavity and  have digital dental radiology at our disposal to aid in assessing each patient’s needs.







We are able to help you with all your pet’s surgical needs whether it is a planned, routine surgery or an unexpected trauma.  We are happy to offer both soft tissue and orthopedic surgical solutions for your pet.



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Ultrasound and Echocardiology

When radiographs, blood pressures and EKG readings aren’t enough, we are able to consult with expert cardiologists and radiologists who join us in our clinic to find a diagnosis for your pet.




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Referral Service

We maintain an excellent relationship with both the UW VMTH, VES, and MVS and frequently consult and refer to these first class specialists when it is indicated.




Emergency Service

We have strong relationships with emergency clinics such as VES, MVS and the UW VMTH.  If you have an emergency and are unable to reach us, we will strive to have strong communication and share information wherever you chose to go.