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January 2014

 IMG_1151Okay.  It’s cold.  Really, really cold.  Pretty much the only thing that’s carrying me through the cold weather and sick kids these days is thoughts of a bright spring.  Every spring my dog, Spenser, and I would head out to find decent hikes as soon as the snow started to disappear.  Because I see the worst of the worst at the clinic, I was always a little paranoid and kept a doggie first aid kit handy.  Not a bad idea, even if you’re not a titch OCD like me.  Below I have included some ideas for items to stock in your first aid kit for home and hiking.  Always check in with us, or your closest emergency vet if you run into trouble, but maybe these items will help you in a pinch.



First Aid Supplies:

Hydrogen peroxide

Tick twister (or forceps/strong tweezers)

Nail clipper

Styptic powder

Triple antibiotic ointment

Eye wash or sterile saline



Bandage supplies (even a few large bandaids and medical tape can be enough)

Benadryl (25mg diphenhydramine tablets)

Comb (for burrs, especially if you have a long haired breed)

Cold pack

Phone numbers for A Breed Apart, your closest emergency clinic and ASPCA poison control (available on our website)

Ingredients for home made de-skunker: 1 qt hydrogen peroxide + 1/2 box baking soda + 1 tsp Dawn (mix & use w/in 1 hr as it won’t keep) or Massengill vinegar and water douche (no kidding)

Good luck, keep warm, and stay safe!

Dr. Kate Washabaugh