Things to know from your veterinarian in response to the current virus scare as the world is changing around us:

  1. COVID-19 is not communicable to pets, as far as it is known at this time. This is a human virus and will not make your pets sick.
  2. If someone gets sick, pets should not be moving back and forth between healthy and sick individuals. There is a potential that a pet could carry the virus transiently from one person to another.
  3. Your preparedness plan should include your pets. Make sure you have adequate supplies of medication and food as you stock up for yourself. It is recommended to keep at 2 week supply on hand.
  4. If you are ill and need to bring your animal to see us, please try to keep everyone healthy by calling ahead. We can get a history on the phone and even have you drop off for an exam in efforts to comply with “social distancing” recommendations. We plan to be here for you and your pets so we are making every effort to keep our clinic and our staff virus free.
  5. If you need to stock up on food or medication, this is a good time to check out our online store and have your supplies delivered directly to you. Visit the website to find all the items you need:
  6. These are scary times. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to make things easier.  Above all, be kind to each other.  Nothing will carry us through as much as that.  Stay healthy, Friends.