I’m sitting here on this lovely Sunday morning after visiting my favorite dog park.  The dog sniffed many dog butts and I chatted with many random folks as we wandered.  Really, is there a more perfect place on earth than the dog park?  Max and I are winding down post workout with the NY Times.  And what do you know, I come across a great article in the Review section by Frank Bruni entitled “Dogs Will Fix Our Broken Democracy”.  Don’t freak out – this is not a political post.  Rather, what I was struck by is how right he is about what dogs bring to our lives.  The whole article is worth a read,  but the most poignant thought was at the end:

“And we need dogs, or at least we’re better off with them.  They yank us outside our narrowest selves.  They force us to engage”.  And through the human interactions our dogs bring to us “we walk away feeling a little less isolated, a little less disconnected.”  What a gift these animals are in our lives. I watch my dog comfort my kids when they are sad, calm me when I’m in need, and grant unconditional love to all of us.  He is the bridge in awkward conversations, the comic relief when things are tense.  Dogs introduce us to neighbors we’d never meet, and invite conversations that we’d never start, and bring us all of you, our clients, who open their lives to us.  Truly this is a magical thing.

Happy holiday weekend, everyone!  Go kiss your dog.  And open yourselves to the world.