It’s Veterinary Technician Appreciation Week!!!

Each year we take this week to celebrate our awesome Veterinary Technicians here at A Breed Apart Animal Hospital.

I was discussing it with my son, Sam, this week and making plans for what we would like to do to celebrate these amazing women. He didn’t understand the idea of an “appreciation week” (he’s only 8). We had a long discussion about how these techs are the driving force behind the clinic. They get little glory, but we can’t do our jobs without them. They are the ones that are recovering a patient after a challenging surgery, holding that difficult dog for a nail trim, listening to an owner work through their worry on the phone, triaging emergencies, and sometimes literally running to help the vets between helping the owners between helping the patients. And, oh yeah, getting generally pretty messy while they do it. They are also the calm voices when things get crazy in the back, they often stay late to pitch in when the witching hour hits, and they go the extra mile for you and for us. They genuinely care about our patients, as well as each other, and you can see it in the way they do their jobs so well. After I described it all to Sam, his eyes went wide and he agreed that our technicians deserve all the appreciation we can give them. We wish we could give them more and that every day they were showered with the appreciation they deserve. This week we’ll have to manage with lots of food and fun.

Please join me in celebrating our great technicians, Chris, Melissa, Julie, and Katie. Pam is working on her technician license so we’re including her, too! They are the shoulders that boost us up and keep us strong.

Thank you to the great Veterinary Technician Team at A Breed Apart!!!!!!!