There’s been a lot of news in the pet world lately. I’ve seen discussions of vaccines, food recalls, and the turmoil over emotional support pets flying with owners (Dexter the Peacock didn’t manage to make the cut). And most recently, there was the sad death of a French Bulldog on an airline flight and the airline shipment of a German Shepard bound for Missouri who ended up in Japan.  Our sympathies go out to those poor owners.

We talk a lot about traveling with pets here at the clinic. Let’s face it, traveling with pets can be scary. When it comes to driving with pets, our owners worry about their pet’s anxiety (and thus THEIR anxiety) most. But with flying there are so many more issues. Owners need to navigate the rules of the airline, as well as the concern over the pet’s safety. Their are health certificates and, in some cases, extensive veterinary requirements, that take attention and effort. Airlines all have their own rules and those rules are frequently changing. Especially after this weeks sad events.

In general, our recommendation is to avoid flying with your pets when possible. Car travel is safer and more flexible. And if you’re worried about anxiety, we can help with that. If you MUST fly, be sure to check your airlines rules well beforehand. Most require a health certificate and sometimes other veterinary statements and we can arrange an appointment for that. If you have questions we are happy to help – just give us a call.